Brewery Art Walk

Another Perfect Day

Brewery Art Walk

October 14, 2013 Downtown 0

When you do exciting things on a Sunday, like watching a group of purple gentlemen masquerading as your favorite professional football team or waiting for family members to return from shopping, anything outdoors is the priority on such a beautiful remaining afternoon.

My old roommate, who seems to have a better feed on things than me, pulled for us along with some out of town friends to go despite knowing how unkultured we is.

My wife and I took the second caravan over since the baby needed refueling leaving precious little time to enjoy the festivities. We made it over around 4 and my friends already had beers in their hands. Good beers. Dammit!

We were left with precious little time to wander and take pics, so welcome to abbreviated post #2!

To sum it up quickly, the former Papst Blue Ribbon Brewery now exists as an artist’s colony that luckily still serves beer. Twice a year, the complex opens up for an art walk event where you can wander in and out of artist’s studios depending on how cooperative they are.

Center of the action, but go inside!

Center of the action, but go inside!

We only had an hour to check it out for something that requires a full day, maybe two if you’re really into art. Had I planned a bit better, there seems to be a lot of quality work for startup connoisseur prices, but of course, you can’t pay in baby wipes.

Lastly, I’ve been meaning to visit Barbara’s at the Brewery for quite some time because of the reputation of the beer list. Craftsman always seems to on the docket and there’s some equal quality there as well.

Bottom line, invest the time next time! This is a great experience for everyone even if you’re just getting into LA’s art scene.


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