Santa Monica Strollings

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Santa Monica Strollings

December 13, 2013 Santa Monica 0

For the most of us, once you move north of Montana, you’ve finally made it. Or to say the least, life is good. Most visitors tend to take in the pier, beach or 3rd Street promenade. Most aren’t even aware how much better people have it there. How sad.

To wander around near San Vicente or up in the hills, there are plenty of interesting sights and houses to see. While there is no dominant form of architecture around here, there does seem to be a welcome variety.

Yes, there is still a place for your mediterranean McMansions, but there’s some progressive works along with the preservation of some mid-century thinking.

This is a small collection of one day’s drive. I didn’t have any route in mind, I just wanted to shoot some pics. So here’s some visual musings of what I caught via twenty minutes of wandering:

I shot this just because it was elegant, but simple. Plus the short fence makes me feel tall

This got me to thinking that adding these panels are a quick way of adding design. Effective? Eh. You be the judge.

I’ll never own a Frank Lloyd Wright. Yes, even though Powerball is up to $442 million. But this house seems like it would be a pleasant alternative. With a view!

Writing a blog means you should be able to write stuff. I like this house because it is different. I like it because it is clean and modern. I don’t know if I really like it though. Is this making sense?


Why? Why?…..Why?

You may not recognize this condo, but this was the residence where the famous Nicole Simpson/Ron Goldman slayings took place. Soon after the condo was sold, the complex was updated to remove the garden where the act took place and change the overall facade. While it cuts down on tourists slowing for photos, this a memory I’m glad they have tried to remove.


I would like to wake up to a view like this. My birthday is six months away….

I grouped these photos together because…wait for it…wait for it… they are the same building! Okay, not that surprising. This is the Frank Gehry residence that some would say launched his career as he started remodeling a standard colonial back in 1978. Whether you like the house or not, it is an important piece of work in the landscape of the Los Angeles architecture scene.


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