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Travel Town Museum

December 19, 2013 Griffith Park 0

At the point you’re east driving on Ventura Freeway wondering how to get onto the I-5 North, you probably won’t notice the park filled with unique wonders off to your right. You should. It’s filled with these giant machines that most Los Angelinos has trouble identifying. Trains.

There was a time where not only the country, but this city heavily relied on these electric and locomotive transports as the main way of getting around. I think we all know why they disappeared. But come to Travel Town! You’ll know where they all went!

First of all, you can’t argue with the price(free). Even greater, the parking costs the same(free if you’re paying attention). And there’s lots of it.

As for the main attraction, there’s a wide variety if you’re into history. There are seventeen locomotives and they average about one hundred years old. Along with the freight cars and cabooses, my favorite are the passenger cars and trolleys. Just imagining what could have been if the red and yellow cars never went away.

Also, with the kids in mind, there is also a miniature train that encircles the whole park. Actually, Griffith Park has three miniature trains which until the last few years, was more than actual transit trains in Los Angeles.

Take a look at a few pics. They’re free too:



If you’ve never been on a train, then odds are you haven’t been in a train shed either!

Some of the passenger cars are available for parties. I am getting paid nothing to say this.

A lot of wedding photos being taken. But in period pieces? Awesome!!

I guess you would call this a hybrid.

I don’t know how a cable car got here. Let’s keep it to ourselves….


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