Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

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Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

January 24, 2014 Uncategorized 0

Nestled in the rolling hills of Pan Pacific Park lays the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. Even as it sits across from the popular and fabricated Grove, you might just miss it as its environmentally friendly rooftop bunkers the building within the landscape.A quick couple of notes.

First, it is actually the oldest holocaust museum in the United States, which has recently been housed at this new location. Second, it is a recipient of a recent American Institute of Architects Award for Interior Design.

I did not take photos of the interior, nor will I write about it because I feel the experience of the holocaust museums is quite personal and should be left to the individual.

These feelings as verified by the exterior courtyard, where a box of paper cutouts featuring the photos and names of children who perished away accompanied with pencils to write a note. In a similar manner of the Western Wall, you may roll up the paper and insert it into one of the 1.2 million holes that encircle you. What type of feelings and thoughts did I cycle through? I cannot say. All that I can comment on is that the architecture is successful in evoking an unique emotional response.

On the heels of Martin Luther King Day, these museums remind us not just of the affliction of the Jews, but of the tyranny that still exists across the world today. Admission is free, so please take the time to visit.

The Museum layered above the street.


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