The prettiest block in Los Angeles: 1300 Carroll Avenue

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The prettiest block in Los Angeles: 1300 Carroll Avenue

February 28, 2014 Uncategorized 0

As the “eastside” enclaves of Echo Park and Silver Lake become the hotbeds of activity, you would think there is very few places to hide among the hipsters.  Needless to say, this is Los Angeles and there is always something to discover as long as the new Google maps try to confuse us.

Nestled at the convergence of Sunset Blvd. and the Hollywood Freeway is what’s considered as the city’s first suburb, Angelino Heights. Seeing it’s proximity to Dodger Stadium and downtown, modern man would laugh at the usage of the word “suburb”,  but it gives you an idea of what urban sprawl looked like in the late 19th century.

Even back then, the hills were the place to be and if you look from the viewing platform at City Hall, you’ll see that Angelino Heights is the closest peak. Or hill. It’s a grey area.

In either case, if you wander around a few blocks you’ll find a variety of architecture styles from the turn of the century. Even stroll down a block to the odd Kensington/Marion/Bellevue intersection to get an idea of what was the hub of the area. Make no doubt about it though, 1300 Carroll is the gem of the area.  It is Victorian Central and on the list of National Register of Historical Places.  The homes are beautiful, colorful and creative.  The street is clean, quiet and understated.

If you don’t feel like you’ve been transformed to another place, you might want to check your pulse.  One can’t visit without feeling a little envy for our current architectural standards.

You’ll notice a couple of the homes are in disrepair.  Or being restored.  It’s difficult to say as you can imagine how tedious the process is.  Just as I mentioned in my Barnsdall piece, the drawback of owning a historical monument makes the upkeep unpredictably pricey.  Nonetheless, the work done here is remarkable.

The LA Conservancy has regular walking tours of the area, but I always do a drive-by whenever I’m in the area.  Even for just a ten minute stroll, I take in the views and it calms the nerves.  You should too.  Unless you want to wait another 120 years.

(I apologize in advance for the cellie pics. Rule #2 is making sure your camera has batteries. I failed that. #1 is bringing your camera, but about as important as #2)

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