Alvarado Terrace

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Alvarado Terrace

March 27, 2014 Pico Union 0

I make no secret about it. I love older Los Angeles. It explains who we are. Even as freeways has cut apart neighborhoods, sent people outward and changed demographics, many of our buildings still remain. If you’re looking for a street filled with a slew of landmarks, there are very few places that can match Alvarado Terrace(I also covered Carroll Avenue).

The street itself forms the Alvarado Terrance historical district which includes six homes and a church that all date back more than one hundred years. Located off of Hoover between Pico and Venice, it is less than a mile’s walk to Staples Center. Noting it’s proximity to downtown, you can understand how an area of luxurious mansions could crop up.

The houses dominate the landscape, as they sit atop a raised terrace that overlooks a park that follows the curvature of the homes. You can also look across and see other homes built from the same era, but none match the size and elegance.

Powers House

The Alvarado Terrace homes were built for Los Angeles’ elite and they took to them. They size at average 4000 square feet and each seems to have it’s own architectural style. While the facades are well kept, the rear parts of the properties seem to be paved over or developed with other units. In fact, some of the houses themselves are subdivided into many apartments.

If you wander westerly past the other homes and apartments to the corner on Hoover, you come across the First Church of Christ, Scientist built in 1912. Also another landmark, this church has a had a number of “colorful” tenants through the years. The building seems to be a mixture of a lot of architectural styles, but one thing for certain is it has a lot of bricks.

While these buildings have landmark status, it’s unlikely that they’ll return to their glory days of holding an exclusive address anytime soon. But this area is starting to be appreciated more. And you should too.


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