Milt Olin Ride Follow Up

Another Perfect Day

Milt Olin Ride Follow Up

September 18, 2014 Uncategorized 0

It’s already been two weeks since the ride, but it seems like it’s been months.  I have to say the ride was a success with all the media coverage it received.  With the three foot law just hours old, at least people are becoming aware that cyclists are allowed to have a stake in the road.

The one thing that bothered me on the ride was the number of drivers on their cell phones.  What was odd to me was whenever a car was pulling out of a driveway, it seemed like people were on a call.  Maybe it’s not the most dangerous maneuver, but that’s how it starts.

This is a video of a truck that speeded up just to pass the front of the group to make a turn.  A little harrowing.  What angered the group was the driver pulled into a liquor store just feet away.  Wasn’t not endangering lives worth a few seconds?


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