Congress members to back Olympics for Los Angeles in 2024

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Congress members to back Olympics for Los Angeles in 2024

November 16, 2014 Uncategorized 0

Friday, the LA Times posted an article about Californian Congressmen supporting Los Angeles for the USOC bid for the 2024 games. If you can get past the paywall, the article is here.

Also, the story was referenced by KPCC on their website. Essentially, the choices are coming down between Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Washington D.C.

Our biggest competition may not be between any of those other cities, but whether we submit a bid at all. As I’ve stated earlier, Europe has never gone more than three Olympiads without hosting the Games. Seeing how heavyweights, like Paris, Berlin and St. Petersburg may be jumping into the fray, the US would be facing long odds of winning.

Typically, the runner up in the bid process doesn’t necessarily move to the favorite for the next bids, so it might be smart for Los Angeles to take a knee and gun for 2028. Besides, the Games might be led by President Garcetti by then.


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