East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor

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East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor

November 25, 2014 Uncategorized 0

Reporting on the early study of the East Valley Tranist Corridor,Steve Hymon, from the Source writes:

At this time, the project has about $170 million in funding reserved through Metro’s Long-Range Transportation Plan, which includes $68 million from Measure R, the half-cent sales tax increase approved by Los Angeles County voters in 2008. As with other Metro projects, this isn’t enough money to cover the cost of any of the four transit alternatives under study (see page 37 of the presentation). Some extra funds will need to be identified from other local, state and/funor federal sources.


What does all this mean? The Metro Board will eventually have to make a big decision about this project: pursue one of the less costly alternatives that could be funded and built relatively soon or delay the project for a pricier alternative to be built later if and when funding can be identified.

On first glance, the project looks exciting since the Valley has no true North/South linkage when it comes to rail or BRT. Upon further review, the options will have effects on parking or the elimination of planned infrastructure. It also does not deal with a future connection to the westside. Sigh.


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