LAPD preparing for Ferguson

Another Perfect Day

LAPD preparing for Ferguson

November 22, 2014 Uncategorized 0

Three months ago, I happened upon the Ferguson protests in Downtown LA. Seeing a large group approach down Alameda, I didn’t have to read the signs to understand their agenda.IMG_20140817_155937

The group was loud, large and diverse. Despite all the anger they carried, I applaud that they never let it manifest into something improper.

Still, tensions are high and LAPD is anticipating the worst as seen in these articles:

KNBC – LAPD Prepares for Possible Ferguson Demonstrations

KTLA – LAPD, Community Leaders Prepare Ahead of Ferguson Grand Jury 

KTLA – Will Ferguson be the 21st century Rodney King riots?

All we know is that a decision is imminent. Let’s hope that in either case, that we can make our point across and cooler heads will prevail 


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