Lincoln Heights Addendum

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Lincoln Heights Addendum

November 5, 2014 Lincoln Heights 0

If you haven’t read my article about Lincoln Heights from the LA Post Examiner, here’s the link. I chose to write about this area because my love for historic Los Angeles.

While the area has weathered a bit, you can still imagine the feel of the neighborhood a hundred years ago. People would hang out on their porches, walk to the corner store and let their children play in the streets.

Unfortunately, as Los Angeles grew, streets catered to the car over pedestrians. My guess is as the city becomes more congested, neighborhoods of this scale will become more desirable. When the LA River revitalization takes place, look out for Lincoln Heights. Already you can see some of the vintage properties being renovated.

Here are a few more photos that didn’t make the article, but can give you more of a feel of what Lincoln Heights is about:

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