San Gabriel Mountains Roundup

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San Gabriel Mountains Roundup

November 14, 2014 Uncategorized 0

If you haven’t already checked out my guide to the San Gabriel Mountains in the LA Post Examiner, check it here.

I wrote this article out of love, but one that took a long time to flourish. Admittingly, I had no idea what these hills had to offer.

The feeling that you're above the clouds in the San Gabriels

The feeling that you’re above the clouds in the San Gabriels

until I took up trail running about ten years ago. At the time, the internet wasn’t informative enough to be a proper guide, so I had to reach out and find a book that could tell me something.

The best I could do was a simple book that gave information of about twelve trails with a few lo res pictures. Not too enticing. I started running in Millard Canyon, just above JPL, and was intrigued enough to venture eastward.

I then headed up the Sam Merrill trail up to Echo Mountain and was fascinated by all the relics and signage concerning the long gone Mount Lowe Railway.

My curiousness took me to both Eaton Canyon and Chantry Flats as starting points to ascend Mount Wilson. I was surprised by the pine trees as it was an introduction into the alpine wilderness. I wanted to go further, but that’s already a lot to run.

Unfortunately, I sustained a hip injury that ended my running career, but I picked up cycling which introduced a different mode to experience the mountains. All I can say is even with all of my experience, there is still a lot to offer.


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