Los Angeles leads for 2024 Olympics

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Los Angeles leads for 2024 Olympics

December 19, 2014 Uncategorized 0

From Mike Sugerman of CBS Local Bay Area:

The United States hasn’t hosted the Summer Olympics since Atlanta in 1996. San Francisco could be in the running for the games that will take place 10 years from now, but odds makers said other U.S. cities have a better shot at hosting the Olympics.

According to online gambling website Bovada, San Francisco has 4:1 odds at being the U.S. Olympic Committee’s selection. Los Angeles has the best odds at 1:1, while Boston has 2:1 odds. Bovada said Washington, DC has 7:1 odds.


Winning the USOC bid is one thing, but will still have big competition against other countries with Rome wanting in.


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