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Another Perfect Day

Photo Diary: A Sunday Staycation in Downtown LA

Southwest tries to embed the theme: “Want to get away?” The answer is yes. Please yes! Take me away from this awful sham of a life! I think ideally, we’d like to end up on a Corona themed beach, but we always don’t have that amount of time. My wife had the Monday off, which…
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June 18, 2014 0

To cleanse us from Sterling, we must remove the Clipper name!

I write a blog about Los Angeles. Mostly, I cover the places and history that formed us. It is not a career for me, but I do it only because I love this city so much. I also know a lot about sports. So much so, I used to cover it in a previous life.…
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April 29, 2014 0

Los Angeles CENTRAL Library

It’s fairly easy to dismiss our library system.  With all the information now available at our fingertips, who needs books?  With the demise of Barnes & Noble and the like, there seems to be a greater divide. I admittingly was one of those cynics.  As I needed more resources to study, the library seemed like…
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April 7, 2014 0

Thanksgiving Treats

As we discover the depths of our coldness, let us reflect a little on what a nice Thanksgiving weekend we had. Perfect weather. Open freeways. Victories for both our UCLA and USC football teams! Well, maybe one. My wife and I had an afternoon out on the town thanks to public transportation! First, Matthew Bourne’s,…
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December 5, 2013 1

Brewery Art Walk

When you do exciting things on a Sunday, like watching a group of purple gentlemen masquerading as your favorite professional football team or waiting for family members to return from shopping, anything outdoors is the priority on such a beautiful remaining afternoon. My old roommate, who seems to have a better feed on things than…
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October 14, 2013 0