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Another Perfect Day

Should the San Fernando Valley get more Transit?

Bianca Barragan from Curbed LA sums up the San Fernando Valley’s beef with Measure R: “The Valley clearly has been shortchanged by Measure R,” City Councilmember and Metro Boardmember Paul Krekorian tells the Daily News, referring to the 2008 voter-approved measure to fund transportation projects with a half-cent sales tax increase. Metro’s considering asking for more money on…
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December 23, 2014 0

East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor

Reporting on the early study of the East Valley Tranist Corridor,Steve Hymon, from the Source writes: At this time, the project has about $170 million in funding reserved through Metro’s Long-Range Transportation Plan, which includes $68 million from Measure R, the half-cent sales tax increase approved by Los Angeles County voters in 2008. As with…
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November 25, 2014 0

Our first designated landmark: The Leonis Adobe

Grasping our local history is no easy task. Our city is so wide and urbanized that coming across our origins takes some initiative. If you grew up in Los Angeles, most likely you’ve been on a field trip to Olvera Street. It’s a nice place to start, with many buildings spanning the 19th century. At…
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April 25, 2014 0

Biking to the valley guide – Part 1(Westside edition)

I’ve logged a lot of miles over Mulholland. So much so that I can properly spell Mulholland now. In the hunt for the most efficient route to the valley, I’ve tried every route possible. One thing for certain is you’re going to do some climbing. There are varying degrees of grade and elevation, but for…
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March 11, 2014 3